Choosing a day nursery for your little one – all aspects involved


Choosing a day nursery for your little one – all aspects involved

As a parent, it’s absolutely normal to be worried about the quality of the nursery you are going to choose for your little one. After all, the nursery you select will shape your kid’s behavior, his education and the way he interacts with other people. Finding a good nursery is equal to ensuring a good start for your child’s education. Keep in mind that most nurseries are booked one year in advance, so it might be difficult to find one right before your little one should start going. Only choose reputable nurseries and always ask for a second opinion from parents who already made up their mind regarding this aspect. The factors you should consider are:

The building The way the building itself looks like is a critical factor in determining whether the respective nursery is professional or not. Good nurseries should be carefully organized and allow viewings at any given moment. The ones that allow viewings only in certain moments might not be as good looking throughout the whole year. When viewing the nursery, look for display boards, activity tables, toys, and beds. Find nurseries that are neat, clean and recently renovated. Nurseries that have dedicated nursing associates are more recommended for the professionalism of the staff.

The staffTalking about the stuff, see if the caregiver you are about to choose is warm and welcoming. Pay a lot of attention to the caregiver’s interaction with the children. The image you are seeking is a close interaction and a responsive behavior. See if the nursing associates are certified and have a long talk with the director of the nursery. Another important factor is represented by how many caregivers are available. For every five kids, the nursery should hire one caregiver. If the groups are larger than that, you may want to rethink your options.

The daily routineNext, see what activities children will be engaged in during the time they spent at the daycare center. In many cases, the activities are not productive or educative, which is not the recommended situation. Look for nurseries that invest time in the children’s education, that help them develop their skills and their knowledge. Finding a nursery with a strict daily routine is better because it prepares your little one for school and he will find it easier to adapt to a new environment and new rules.

Your child’s opinion Asking for your child’s opinion is a step you definitely don’t want to skip. Regardless of your kid’s age, you need to see his reactions. Is he interested enough in going back to the nursery? Does he cry a lot while being there? Is he tired after coming home? Notice all the reactions and details that might say something about his day at the daycare. Moreover, try to find nurseries that have a 24/7 surveillance camera that you can access online. This way, you can know what your child is doing at all times. This feature should help with all the worries involved in the first days at the nursery.

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